Service Delivery

We negotiate a range of service delivery options with caregivers depending on individual child and family needs.

Format.  Would your child benefit more from one-to-one or group therapy?

Provider. Who provides which roles in supporting your child’s progress – you the parent, we the speech pathologists, perhaps a home tutor or teacher’s aide?

Dosage. How frequently should sessions be scheduled in order to drive and maintain your child’s best potential?  How long do we envisage treatment will take?

Timing. Are morning or afternoon sessions better?  Short and snappy or longer and more relaxed?

Setting. Within available resources, will appointments take place in our clinic, at preschool, school, or perhaps your home?



Parents and caregivers of our clients can have peace of mind that we have the skills to advocate for their child and help them access the most appropriate healthcare pathway, in the most timely manner possible.  This is particularly important in the advent of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

We both also work in the public health sector, and so have a working knowledge of the Child and Family Health Nurses, Audiometrists, Child and Family Counselors and other health care services to connect with when clients are showing medical and developmental needs in other areas.



We partner with

Coffs Harbour Paediatric Clinic

Schools and early education centres

Support workers

A range of local allied health providers

... to name a few.

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