Infection control 

At Jack and Jill Speech Pathology we undertake appropriate infection prevention and control measures to ensure the safe delivery of client care and protection of our staff, in accordance with the Speech Pathology Australia Infection Prevention and Control Guideline for Speech Pathologists and the Speech Pathology Australia Risk Assessment Tool.

We adhere to infection prevention and control practices across all aspects of our service delivery (eg. cleaning toys and equipment, hand hygiene, waste management, handling of linen) and specific or additional precautions that are relevant to COVID infection transmission (eg. personal protective equipment, clearly communicating and exercising respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette).

Please notify us immediately if you or your child have a known contagious condition (eg. school sores, lice, runny nose, cough) as you will need to reschedule your child’s appointment.

Standard precautions are required for all in-person client interactions regardless of known infection status, however please discuss any specific concerns you may have with us as early as possible (eg. if you or your child is immunocompromised).

We partner with

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